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Looking for a new job? Looking to hire?


Pink Slip Networking events are held in a rapidly growing list of cities across the United States to connect job seekers, recruiters, staffing professionals, hiring managers and even the employed who are either looking to add to their staff or find a different position elsewhere in a face to face, relaxed and encouraging environment.

Whether you have been pink slipped or just want to be proactive in case you ever need to find other employment or even want to explore starting your own business, Pink Slip Networking events strives to not only bring like minds together, but also to educate and offer up tools for success in whatever path you pursue.

Most of our events feature speakers who provide expert advice for job seekers. It’s more than just a party, it’s a serious yet fun event where you can network with colleagues, meet recruiters, learn about new opportunities, make new friends, enhance your job seeking and interviewing and more!

And hiring managers, recruiters, etc. may exhibit and attend FREE at our events (if they RSVP) to maximize opportunities for job seekers. Paid exhibitor space and sponsorships available for entities who are not hiring but want to reach job seekers.

 Upcoming Events:

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"Before recently finding a great new job I wanted to tell you that your events helped me find some much needed part time contract work that helped to keep me going until I connected with my new full time gig. Thanks so much for organizing these much needed events." 
-- Anthony C.

"I think people are realizing that sitting at home looking on Craigslist isn't a great strategy and right now people are hiring people they know, like and trust or by a referral who knows, likes and trusts you. Face to face networking is a key tool in my job finding approach and without your events getting some face time with hiring managers has been next to impossible." --Juanita T.

If you are a recruiter, hiring manager or have an opportunity for job seekers and are interested in attending and/or presenting at the Pink Slip Networking, please contact us.